There’s a palable spring in each step of CALD’s steps these days, and it could well be because of te renewed vigor it is feeling with with the latest addition to the organization: CALD Youth, born in August 2010 at a workshop in Taiwan.   Currently made up of the youth wings/desks/departments of CALD member and observer parties, CALD Youth is inviting other similar liberal and democratic organizations to become part of it. Its main goal, it says, is “to bring together… politically oriented liberal youths into on forum for discussion and action on common agendas.”  


The organization hopes that by doing so it would be able to:

a.    Promote liberal and democratic values through education and capacity-building among youth nationally and regionally;

b.     Create regional solidarity among liberal youth on national issues relating to the violation of liberty, democracy, and equality;

c.     Create regional networks and build relationships among liberal youth and potential future liberal leaders in the Asian region; and

d.    Increase membership in national liberal party youth wings and provide for the smooth transition of youth wings into the political mainstream with an added advantage of regional linkages and liberal relationships.


“In essence,” says CALD Youth, “we work together to ensure a democratic and free Asia for our future generations and quintessentially, we wish to influence common liberal solutions to problems with the overarching aim of uniting and creating a progressive and democratic Asia.”


CALD Youth’s programs include:

·       Strategic Political Communication for Youth Candidates (August 2012 | Siem Reap, Cambodia)


·      Preparing the Asian Youth for Leadership (March 2012 | Colombo, Sri Lanka)


·       Strategic Planning Workshop (March 2011 | Kandy, Sri Lanka)



As of December 2012, CALD is a regional member organization of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY). CALD and IFLRY first collaborated with each other for a discussion on the role of youth in promoting nonviolent political change in June 2011.  CALD Youth representatives have also participated in programs of IFLRY and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Europe.


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